12 Foot Beard

I named 12 Foot Beard Whiskey after an obscure oddball from Missouri’s history. From the retro-frontier typeface to the wood-etching style illustrations, every visual element immediately establishes the brand as distinctly different. This dedication to antiquity inspired a rustic color palette which extends from the iconic label through in-store display and even the social media artwork recalls a modern take on vintage ferrotype photographs. Each design choice supports the brand’s core elements of integrity and honesty. Winner of Best of Show in Design at the STL ADDY’s and a National ADDY as well.

CD: Steve John
Copy: Steve John, Kyle Siebel
ACD: Dan Klevorn, Tony McAley and Jon Simons

Branded social post: You’re not impressing anyone, especially not us. #KeepYourWhiskersLong #KeepYourPinkiesIn

Branded social post: With #deerseason in full swing, nothing pairs better with 12 Foot Beard than zinging your buddies over a campfire. #12FootBeard #whiskeyburns

Branded social post: A friendly reminder that basic bros have feelings too. #UnsolicitedAdviceFromAnHonestSpirit #12FootBeard