An agency within an agency.

CD: Steve John
Design: Jon Simons, Sara Barnett, Dan Kleevorn, Matt Kubiak, Daniel Clark
Copy: Steve John, Kyle Seibel

What engages teams? What makes them feel valued? Opportunity. Sknkwrks was something I created for a team that was feeling burned out, misused and voiceless.

Named after a covert department at Lockheed Martin in the 1950's, the premise was the same — a small group of people committed to doing great work in the shadows of another company. There were catches. They couldn’t bill against it. They had to deliver strategic, smart work and they could never, ever talk about it.

Every team needs a uniform.

Team logo.

First brief was focused on the possible STL soccer franchise. Research revealed that Boeing (a Saint Louis company) built a fighter jet called the F-15 Strike Eagle. A nice call back to the STL.

The Strike uniforms.

Another option for a possible MLS Saint Louis franchise. The Kings is a tie to the famous Apotheosis statue of King Louis IX of France that sits in front of the Saint Louis Art Museum.

A King’s uniform.

We landed a Pro-bono client. They needed branding for a Catholic themed coffee with strong ties to community service. We came up with two options for a name, tagline and branding for their coffee.
Tagline: Per Caritas Non Vegetari – Through Charity We Are Invigorated.

They chose this option, Breviary. It means a book containing the Catholic service for the day.

Another pro bono client. This time a tour guide in New Orleans. We created the name and the branding.